Thursday, August 14, 2008

O.k. its getting to be that time of year when all I want is a candy apple. I bought some of these awhile ago for Farther's day for my daughter to give to her dad. We cut up 1 a night to share amongst the 3 of us. They were as good as they look. Better actually. 
Don't take my word for it though. Try one or two yourself.


Apple Blossom Designs said...

mmmmmmmm... I so want one of those apples!!!

Treasures by Tina said...

Yummy! Whenever I visit Lake Tahoe, I visit this shop at the Y that has gigantic candy apples in every variety imaginable. :)

kalien68 said...

Tina that sounds like heaven! Did you notice if the floors were made of gold? :)