Saturday, March 22, 2008


Almost there
keep holding onto the chairs
almost at the end my friend
balance the seats
listen to your heart 
skipping beats

Today is Saturday. We got up, watched t.v., drank some coffee, took showers, and then went to Target, Burger King, and the library. Em took out 5 books I took out 3 and Ralph took out one book on c.d. . Then we came home and had left over burritos from Anna's for dinner. After dinner we made easter eggs for the easter bunny to hide tomorrow. Then Em took a bath and I went out and bought Em's Easter basket stuff. Em went to bed, ralph is working on the computer and i just finished a new piece called Frozen. I posted frozen to my websites. Except for this one which I will do now. Whew! What a day. :)