Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A mergirl

I went to France to find a wife
I found her by the sea
I went to France to find  a wife
A girl to marry me
She was fair of skin and full of life
but on the day we wed
I found she had a fishy tail
Instead of two long legs

Karen Preston 2008

Conifer sisters-New in my shop

These two little girls are sprites. 
They live in the forest and take care of the plants, trees (mainly conifer trees) and fungi's that grow there. 
They are usually sweet but have a playful side. For example I caught  them digging up a poor squirrels acorn and reburying it in a new location. They told me if squirrel could not find his 
acorn they would tell him where it was after awhile. They said to me "its just a game". Then smiled at me in the mischievous way that they have.