Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I have been up to

Arn't they cute! I am so pleased with them. 

O.k. right now I am  terrible blogger. I am trying to find time to do many things in a short time span on a daily basis right now. So I hope you will forgive my at times sparse posting. I am sure my head will organize itself in time and I will post less sporadically, but for now I am just trying to keep up.
Heres some cool news. Oh my life is about etsy right now so most posts will be related to etsy related topics. Back to the cool news. 

I was invited by a college professor from Montserrat college of art  to speak to her class about my art. I am quite flattered that someone would ask me to do so. It would not be until this coming fall. I will post more on it when it happens.

I made 3 sales over the weekend. Two were fairly large. So Yay! I am excited about that.

Yesterday I spent the day trying to promote my shop. I sent the editor of Better Homes and Gardens an email  and I looked all over for the email address of Martha Stewart's Living but to no avail. So I sent one of their blog sites an email instead.  I have to try right? 

My efforts tonight will be put into creating a new image to list. Though I have been saying that for 2 days and have not gotten very far. Tonight it will happen. At least I will create more than just a blank page.

The round images above are designs I am thinking of making pin back buttons with. I need to find the most affordable way to do so. That is also on my to do list for this week.

 Its time to go create now! Good night all.