Friday, August 15, 2008

Bed time stories I tell my daughter

I like to make up funny stories and characters for my daughter at bedtime.

My most recent is an adaption of  The lion and the mouse. This is how I tell it.

Once upon a time there was a very tiny, very small, girl .
She was so small and tiny that no one remembered her real name because since the day she was born everyone she knew called her Popcorn girl.

There came a day Popcorn girl was walking in the woods when along came a hungry crow. Crows love popcorn, he flew down and was just about to eat Popcorn girl when she said please stop, in the loudest voice she could muster. The crow turned his head and looked around a bit startled and then realized that it was the piece of popcorn he was about to eat that was talking to him. "Caw!"  he said to popcorn girl, "you should stop talking. Popcorn is not suppose to talk" . Popcorn girl replied "I am not a piece of popcorn Mr. Crow. I am a very small and tiny girl. Please do not eat me. There may come a day where you may be in need of help and if you call my name I will come and help you". Well the crow  thought this was very, very funny. He laughed and laughed. When he finally stopped and caught his breath he said " All right little popcorn girl I will not eat you today. Though I do not think that such a small and tiny being will ever be able to help me. He went on his way. 

Many years later ( Popcorn girl now older but still very small and tiny ) was out collecting flowers in a meadow for her wedding. All of a sudden she heard a terrible sound. Caaaaaaw!, Caaaaaw! Oh no she immediately thought someone is in trouble and she ran quickly towards the sound. It was the same crow that had let her go many years ago. He had tangled himself up in some string and was unable to get free of it. When he saw popcorn girl he looked at her with tears in his eyes. He said " Oh Popcorn girl I have been tangled in this thread for two nights and a day" I am hungry and thirsty and fear that if I do not get free soon I will surely die." Popcorn girl told Mr. Crow not to worry. She would hold true to her promise and free him. Well the string was in quiet a tangle but popcorn girl had very tiny, small and dainty fingers that were quick and nimble. She untied the string and freed Mr. Crow. Just as she had promised.

Many days and many nights later the two remain friends. Mr. Crow made sure to never again judge a person by his or her size.


andrea said...

This is really sweet!

kalien68 said...

Thanks Andrea, it makes her laugh to hear the funny names I give the characters. :)